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Epitaph Domains - Game

The leader of Game is Drakkos.

There Is No Fate But What We Make

See the project list and domain portal for this domain.

Its deputy is Hugo.

The game domain contains those creators who build the game that you are, hopefully, enjoying. They are the developers of the MUD, and the work of the domain ranges from the areas in which you adventure, and the code systems that architect the game.

Members of this illustrious domain:

  • Drakkos (The Dread Pirate Drakkos)
  • Hugo (Sketching the World)
  • Asha (Breaking Bad)
  • Deschain (Ghost in the (Unix) Shell)
  • Fado (Resident Drunk)
  • Woe (Soul Man)
  • Anteph (newbie)
  • River (newbie)
  • Techne (newbie)
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