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Our website is bristling with useful tools and interfaces to query different parts of the MUD. Many are linked in the toolbar above, but these ones may be of particular interest to players who have Epitaph accounts.


If you're interested in contributing, then there are several things you should be aware of. First of all, the theme is very adult. That doesn't mean it's sexual, but the depiction of a collapsed society teeming with the undead requires a certain approach to ensure it's thematic and not, say, 'Disney's Epitaph'.

Secondly, unlike many MUDs, we don't have an awful lot of area development. Our focus is on creating a dynamic game world without the hand-coding of areas so necessary in other settings. That's not to say we can't use good writers (because we can, even if you aren't a coder), but it does mean that your role isn't going to be, for the most part, writing descriptions. It'll be creating the game story and the various cultural artifacts people will encounter in the game (answerphone messages, newspaper stories, web sites, television reports, etc). If all you're interested in is building areas, then you'll find comparatively little of that here.

Thirdly, you'll have to be self-directed and willing to learn the things you need to learn without an awful lot of guidance. Again, that's not to say you'll be completely on your own, but there's a lot to do and we're a small staff. We can point you in the right direction, but you're the one who has to walk the distance.

If none of that has put you off, you can apply at this page. You'll need to create a player account first though (feel free to do that, but bear in mind we are Very Under Construction).

However, before you do so please make sure you have read our helpfiles on expected contribution, and this shameless recruitment pitch.

Applications on Epitaph are handled by a blackball system - everyone who's a creator on Epitaph gets a chance to blackball new applications, and if your application receives enough blackballs, your application is rejected. I know it's kind of unforgiving as a system, but it helps us make sure that the staff we have is capable of working well together.

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