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About Epitaph

The theme of Epitaph is one of survival horror. It is set in the very near future in a world devastated by a rampaging virus that turns anyone it infects into a ravenous, hungry automaton hungry for human flesh. Against this deadly backdrop, you and your fellow players struggle for survival against a hostile and murderous world.


We are a fully featured Text MMO, with a wide variety of features. A small sampling of these are given below:

Feature Description
Many Routes of Advancement Unlike most MUDs, Epitaph is not based entirely on combat. You can earn XP, reputation money and achievements through many different play styles. Do you want to sit behind a barricade and craft weapons for other people? You can do that. Do you want to hack into computers for the delicious rewards inside? You can do it as a primary occupation if you like.
Advanced Combat Just because it isn't our single core system doesn't mean we don't have great combat. Our combat system includes meaningful ranged combat, formations, strategic decisions, and a wide variety of complex commands that allow tactical depth and mastery. Load up your shotgun with beanbag rounds, fill your pistol full of incendiary ammo, sweep the zombies off their feet and then deliver a killing coup de grace from up close. All of this, and more, is possible.
Advanced NPC AI Our NPCs don't just stand and hit at you - well, some of them don't. NPCs that still retain working thinkers can adjust their strategies in combat, use special commands, and take advantage of your predicament if you are forced into an unfortunate position.
Achievements Our achievement system is full of rewards for those who engage within the game, ensuring that all play-styles, no matter how non-confrontational, are rewarded for their participation. We also run a badge system whereby people can be rewarded for all kinds of activity as a thank you by creators.
Advanced Quests Our quests are numerous and varied, ranging from simple inventory tasks to high octane action encounters to complex and mind-stretching puzzles. We have a lot of these, and more are being added all the time.
Factions Our faction system allows for individuals to choose their own path through the world, making decisions that will have lasting ramifications for their characters and the environments in which they can adventure.
Clans We offer players the opportunity to start their own clans, which furnishes people with both a system for managing individuals and a surname that identifies members within the game. In addition, clans can 'level up', earning experience and achievements on the basis of what their members accomplish.
Involved Alignments and Morality Our alignment system is complex and nuanced, and is modified by actions that players taken within the game. Players can subscribe to a 'moral code' which they try to live up to, and these moral codes give access to powerful group buffs.
Faction Missions Each faction can send players out on dozens of seperate missions, each rewarding individuals with money, experience and faction standing for their completion.
Advanced Crafting Our crafting system is powerful and flexible, and encompasses a full workflow from gathering raw components, processing them into more refined forms, and then utilising them to create specific objects. The materials you choose influence the end product both in terms of its look and its effectiveness. This extends to cooking - kill something, butcher its corpse for meat and use that meat in delicious pies. You can really taste the soylent.

Eager to know more? Check out our stats page for a real-time overview of the range of things we have in the game.

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