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Creators are the developers of Epitaph - they are responsible for building the game that you, hopefully, enjoy. Unlike many such games, Epitaph does not actively solicit applications from new developers, but if you have a particular urge to contribute, our application system can be found here. However, before you do so please make sure you have read our helpfiles on expected contribution, and this shameless recruitment pitch.

Creator Roles

Epitaph has a very flat management structure - the Admin domain contains the game's High Lords who are responsible for directing and administering the game. Lords are the most senior level of active developers, followed by senior creators and creators. The creator domains exist to show where each of our developers are most active.

Creator Tools

The following are web tools designed to make life as a creator a little easier.

Epitaph Survival Guide

We have a textbook for Epitaph. Our very own textbook! If you're curious about how we go about building the game, this is the thing to download.

Also check out our developer wiki. This is available only to Epitaph creators.

Copyright Statement

Epitaph Black Ops - Epiphany v1.2.15 [development]. Copyright © Imaginary Realities Ltd 2009 -