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Patch Notes: 1.1.01

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Balancing The Books

May 3, 2015


  • The difficulty of the NPCs that spawn in the streets directly adjacent to Alphabet Street has been reduced, and a 'max horde' size has been set on all rooms in the game. The max NPC size for a room is now equal to the set difficulty level of the room.
  • The chance of finding scavenge in any particular room has been dropped since it's now easier to venture outside of Alphabet Street.
  • Randomly generated corpses will now have less money in their pocketses.
  • Winchester collect missions now only require two items each.
  • Winchester kill mission is now 6 rats or 3 cats.
  • Wounds will no longer be applied on death. Instead, players will receive a 20% XP deduction on a lucky escape.
  • Fewer tom-cats, and more regular cats, will spawn in Alphabet Street.
  • The cost of items at shops has been increased.
  • The donate value of items in shops has been decreased accordingly.
  • When stamina damage trickles over into health damage, it will no longer receive the usual 150% modifier that goes along with other trickle effects.
  • The regen rate for energy has increased.
  • The energy cost of commands has gone up.
  • Amount in new food items has been adjusted.
  • Shops will now buy unprocessed resources (cloth strips, metal nuggets, wooden logs, etc).
  • Quality of an object is now properly taken into account when selling/buying an item.
  • The penalty of the grungy clothes mercurial has been dialled down a bit.
  • The repair mission will now progress on all successful repair attempts, not just those where you fully repair an item.
  • The value of cigarettes has been dropped a little, and the weight increased to 8g per cigarette.
  • Factions will now give more rep per mission.
  • The level of quests has been rebalanced somewhat - this means less QP in the game, although the same number of quests
  • Faction shops will regain more money as time goes by.
  • Falling damage has been reduced significantly.
  • The GP costs of actions in combat in all stances has been reduced.
  • XP and money cost of skills has increased somewhat, with the largest increases at the higher skill levels.
  • Scavenged items will now be found in better condition.
  • Repair now fixes, or damages, a larger amount of an item's condition at a time.
  • The reliability of Phalanx being available in the Winchester has been reduced.
  • The player age related achievements have had their requirements drastically cut.
  • The XP available from killing has been increased, relative to how it was calculated before.
  • The cooldown for barricade has been reduced.
  • The mechanism used to determine how much that a faction will teach you has changed considerably. Now, they will teach you an amount of your max equal to the percentage of 'max rep' you have with them. This means that most factions will teach you less to begin with, but will teach you considerably more as you start to engage with them.
  • There is now a hard limit on how much, or how little, rep you can have. You can never go above max rep, or below min rep.
  • The number of levels drained by level drainer zombies has been decreased.
  • Quests and achievements now count more heavily towards command points.
  • Weapons will now degrade a little more quickly in combat.
  • The effectiveness of bandages has been increased, and plasters can now be used as (relatively ineffective) bandages.
  • The weight modifiers of a number of materials has been changed.
  • Eldred is now properly a favour granter and token receiver for the Regulators.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Fixed a bug regarding mission progress for barricading within Alphabet Street.
  • The 'tense night's sleep' mercurial will no longer be applied when sleeping in areas with a danger level of 0, such as Alphabet Street.
  • An issue with command timings has been fixed.
  • Cooldowns are now handled via game time, rather than real time. That means that if you log off with 20s left to go on your cooldown, you'll log on with 20s left to go.
  • A bug with calculating the XP level of minor and small achievements has been fixed.
  • The (on) after short should appear properly when the activated state of a powered device is changed.
  • A bug with regards to noticeability and luring enemy NPCs to your room has been fixed.
  • Skills formerly in the "mental" tree and now in the "social" tree will now be properly taught by factions.
  • You will no longer be prevented from performing non-combat commands when you are in combat but all your opponents are on the other side of an obstacle. Any commands that still prevent this should be bug-repped.
  • Quests will now properly be reset upon refresh.
  • The 'you are not strong enough to blah blah' message should no longer appear when you are moving items around inside your own inventory.
  • NPCs will no longer respond to you if they're engaged in combat.
  • Killing zombies in the barracks grounds will now award rep as per street kills.
  • The regulator faction shop now comes with stock.
  • NPCs with ranged weapons will now (usually) spawn with suitable ammo.
  • Help-files for old-style souls have been removed.
  • Choosing to optimise for a screenreader at login will now properly apply the accessible conversational keyword option.
  • The research command is now case insensitive.
  • Rep rewards for street kills will now be granted more consistently.
  • Residentual houses off of Alphabet now have indoor locks that you can work by hand.
  • NPCs will now get their stat bonuses or penalties applied correctly to their skills.
  • When using accessible_text, skills will no longer show up as 45/45/45 through the skills command.
  • Headlamps now properly emit light.
  • Free skills should no longer be granted in defunct skills.
  • Group achievements should now tick up properly.
  • Corpses will now spawn with more age-appropriate clothing.
  • The cultural inculcation favour should now modify morality properly.
  • The 'you gotta serve somebody' achievement will now be properly granted when picking a major faction. 'Achievements legacy' will grant it for those who don't have it, but should.
  • Eduard of the Dark Carnival now grants the experience favour, as opposed to the non-existent teaching one.
  • The difficulty of tasks will *decrease* as your mood increases, rather than the other way around.
  • You can once again find radios in the winchester attic. Also, radio innards, and loose electronics.


  • An exceptional success with a a kick will now knock your foe off balance. A critical success will knock them prone.
  • The durability of clothing has been increased across the board.
  • Two new quests have been added to Alphabet Street. They are available from Magister Damien.
  • A new area has been added off of Alphabet Street, taking the place of the far east flat.
  • Medicines has been added as a plural to medicine. Drug and drugs have been added as an alias and plural too.
  • Samantha Quirk is no longer the favour granter for the Dragoons. It's now Bill Cordingly.
  • The 'diagnose' and 'suture' commands have been removed, since we're not using wounds on death now. The points spent on these will be refunded.
  • An automated doctor system has been added to the game. Samantha Quirk and Dr. Roberts have been converted over to be doctors. Doctors charge you for treatments, and you need to provide them with medical supplies before they'll offer to treat you. The cost of both of those go up as you use them, but each doctor maintains their own files on you.
  • The Winchester now sells dyes from the faction shop.
  • Shops will now also get a random, rotating batch of stock to go with the normal things they would be selling.
  • Safes in shops will now be concealed, and re-concealed every time the shopkeeper tinkers with them.
  • Unconceal will now be interrupted by faction witnesses if you use it on a concealed item in the room they're in.
  • A new Winchester collect mission has been added for 'loose electronics'. You'll find these from salvaging broken kitchen appliances.
  • When eating soups, some of the benefit will now also be applied to your hunger.
  • You can now crush empty drinks cans into scraps of metal.
  • A new 'patchwork cloth strip' schematic has been added - it works like the normal cloth strip except it ignores colours and ends up with a colour of 'patchwork'. The produced cloth strip will otherwise work like other cloth strips. You can get it from Jeff in Alphabet Street.
  • Combat now has a risk of luring NPCs to your current room.
  • The energy cost of salvaging has changed - cloth is now much cheaper, stone more expensive, and the others somewhere between. However, the xp reward for salvaging items has also been adjusted proportionately - cloth gives less XP, stone more.
  • Salvaging plastic items (and other items that have no current in-game use), will now give you a 'useless lump' rather than providing nothing at all.
  • The 'throw' command now has a modified syntax that allows you to attempt to throw an item multiple rooms. This is skill-checked, and not very precise, but can be useful.
  • A family of achievements have been added for reaching certain overall score values.
  • Thumping and shaking a vending machine now costs energy.
  • The 'gore' system (bloody handprints and such on items) has been removed, with the intention of making the core staining system able to handle this in the future.
  • If you have fully memorized a schematic, you will automatically succeed in the schematic theory check when crafting it.
  • Unique NPCs will now sometimes bury corpses when they encounter them.
  • The new 'always look on the bright side of life' knack will give you a +2% bonus to your base resolve, per stack.
  • Stains will now fade away over time.
  • The 'bull' adjective on NPCs has been changed to 'mean'
  • The knack 'new age medicine' can now be bought - with that knack, you can actually be healed by homeopathic painkillers. It'll also, like, totally clean your aura and tighten up your chakras.
  • Osiris Public Relations now have a trainer in Northern Dunglen, like the other two major factions. He's called Professor Bolingbroke and you'll find him in the library of Dunglen University.
  • Caledonia have a new doctor, to ensure parity with the Dragoons. Her name is Dr. Alison Jenobi and she's a peach!
  • Computers will no longer reset themselves unless it's been at least five minutes since any hacking activity.
  • The condition of an item being salvaged is now a difficulty modifier for the command.
  • The cash cost of levels has increased.
  • The barricades to the gardens in the streets around Alphabet will now decay every reset.
  • Jeff will now teach the simple bandage schematic.
  • Cloth strips now require 8 scraps to make.
  • Bandages now require 4 strips to make.
  • Zombies now get a wisdom, intelligence and charisma stat of 3. This makes them less perceptive. They also get a bonus to how now intimidating their moans are, though.
  • All gardens and greenhouses in Dunglen should now have forage available.
  • Solsbury hill now has trees to survey and fell.
  • Packets of plasters and packets of pills may now sometimes be found when scavenging.
  • Hockey sticks and quarterstaffs are now two-handed weapons.
  • Using 'climb assess' will now reduce the difficulty of the climb by a level.
  • Repairing now awards XP on success.
  • Completing missions when you have max rep will now give you extra money and XP.
  • Two new knacks for reducing the cooldowns on combat commands - warforged, and god of war.
  • Knacks for giving you a charisma stat bump have been added.
  • Everyone is getting their rearranges set back to 2, to make up for stat related mishaps.


  • Salvageable and unsalvageable have been added as adjectives for items. So 'salvage salvageable clothes' and 'drop unsalvageable clothes' will work.
  • Instead of refering to in-build commands as 'normal' commands in helpfules and on the web, these are now termed 'innate commands'
  • Objects now get adjectives relating to their quality, so you can 'put high quality clothes' in backpack. However, these are not discreet adjectives - 'high quality clothes' will get any clothes that have 'high' and 'quality' as adjectives, including those of extremely and EXTREMELY high quality. Consider these boundary selectors.
  • A new keyring system has been added, accessed via the 'keyring' command. As time goes by, all old keys will be moved on to the system to save you having to manually manage them. Any keys you find in the game now should be bug-repped so we know to convert them over.
  • Stealth forms will now give you occasional informs if your lignt or sound levels are getting in the way.
  • Food with the short 'x in syrup' have been changed to 'syruppy x'.
  • (new) skill increases will now include the level to which the skill was raised in 'hskills'.
  • Narrative combat logs are now in your standard combat colour.
  • The 'mood' command now shows your various mercurials broken into 'good' and 'bad' sections.
  • You can now abandon a mission for a faction using the name of the mission giver as well as the faction, such as 'factions abandon mission for shawn'
  • The inventory commands will now show your current and maximum carrying capacity as well as your burden.
  • The 'alignment' command will now show you if you are in or out of your adopted moral code.
  • A search syntax has been added to the 'achievements' command.
  • Food is no longer a plural of food items. 'Foods' is. I know it's not grammatical, but it's too easy to sell all your delicious soups ATM.
  • Vessels now have an alias of whatever liquid they happen to contain at the moment, so 'get beer' will work as long as there is delicious beer to be found within.
  • An 'auto take_scavenge' option has been added. If this is enabled, you will automatically take scavenge when you search in a room.
  • XP and Faction rep messages will now be condensed together if many occur within a short period of time.
  • 'Light' and 'dim' have been added as activate and deactivate synonyms to flashlights and headlamps.
  • You will now receive a notification when a container outside your inventory has finished loading its contents.
  • The output of the factions command has been changed to mirror the new system of rep rewards.
  • An inform is now provided when you move from one faction rep level (admired/exalted/whatever) to another.
  • 'Swallow' and 'take' have been added as eat synonyms to medicines.
  • A 'full text' option has been added to 'options mud_output monitor', which will give you a long form monitor in the form of 'in good shape, full of stamina, invigorated, XP: 7259968 mood: 100%'
  • Complex colours are now indicated by compound colours, such as 'dark-blue' rather than 'dark blue'.


  • Mood added to the list of things you can handle via your monitor.
  • The length of mercurials has been increased, to help even out the current 'bipolar' moods people may be experiencing.
  • A 'charitable' mercurial is now available from donating at shops and faction donation boxes.
  • A set of mercurials for scavenging has been added.
  • Two mercurials have been added for those wandering around naked, or almost naked.
  • Zombardo consultations now come with mercurials.
  • Presence on top ten tables can now be a source of mercurial moods.
  • The correct mercurials should now be applied following a successful/neutral/failed interaction.
  • Inanimate objects can now be interacted with the same way as NPCs.
  • The cost of items, and the amount of training you get, will no longer vary with NPC moods.


  • The web-side achievements browser has had an exciting search field added to it.
  • Achievement categories in the web browser are now bold, rather than headers, for increased readability.
  • The titles associated with quests are now visible in the online quest browser.

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