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My real name is Michael Heron, and I am the dark-hearted despot at the heart of Epitaph. I'm the managing director, such as it is, of Imaginary Realities Ltd, the holding company for the MUD. I was one of the admins over at Discworld MUD before I resigned because of professional differences. I don't have anything to do with them any more, although I do occasionally use them as an example in the discussions I have over at the the Textual Intercourse blog.

I started the MUD round about Christmas of 2009. I'd been mulling over the idea of a survival horror MUD for a good while before I quit, mainly because I was growing tired of fantasy themes generally. I started off with a new distribution of the Discworld mudlib, and then started gutting the thing furiously until I managed to get rid of practically all of the things I used to hate about it. The result is Epitaph, which remains an ongoing project.


In real life I'm a university lecturer and researcher into accessibility and accessible games. I work at Robert Gordon University as part of the School of Computing and Digital Media, and as a member of the IDEAS research institute. For those who may be interested in my work, you should check out this page

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