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Alignment - Be A Better Person


Epitaph's alignment system is expressed as a network of four morality values, each of which is affected by the actions you take in the game. You have a rating between -10000 and 10000 for each of these morality vectors. You can see your current alignment using the 'score' command.

Morality Impact

You know how some people just rub you up the wrong way? It may be nothing specifically they are doing - it's just a look in the eye, a subconscious gesture, or maybe just a tone of voice. On Epitaph, your morality is what determines whether or not you and an NPC can 'get along'. This has an impact on several systems in the game, such as your access to faction facilities.

Moral Codes

As part of your character customisation, you can select a 'moral code' that confers upon your character and your group mates a series of buffs as long as you remain 'in alignment'. Each morality has a different range of acceptable morality values, and in order to remain in alignment you must stay within these. You can list the available moral codes using 'align list', and you can get more details about any given moral code using 'align description <moral code>'.

Changing Alignments

You can choose to drop and adopt moral codes when you wish, but each stage requires some time of existential contemplation - upon dropping a moral code, you will experience existential angst for a full twenty four hours of real time and will be unable to adopt a new moral code until your angst has run its course.

Morality Vectors

Each of the vectors will be adjusted as you act within the game. The four vectors are: Violence (increased by doing violent things, decreased by healing and lending aid); Order (increased by working within society's frameworks, and reduced by working outside them); Justice (increased by doing good things to good people or bad things to bad people, and decreased by doing bad things to good people or good things to bad people); and finally loyalty (increased by doing good things to your allies or allied factions, and reduced by doing bad things to your allies or allied factions).

Bad people? Good people?

Epitaph makes no value judgements on particular moral codes or alignments. Within the context of Epitaph, your character considers people to be 'bad' if they have a dramatically different alignment. Your character considers people to be 'good' if they have a substantially similar alignment.

Syntax Forms


Display your current alignment.

align_ment adopt <string> 

Adopt a moral code.

align_ment recant <string> 

Abandon a moral code.

align_ment description <string> 

View the description of a moral code.

align_ment list 

List your known moral codes.


Example one

> alignment Your current moral codes are: * Charmed Life

Example two

> align recant charmed life You recant and Charmed Life is no longer a moral code in which you are invested.

Example three

> alignment description senator Code Senator Description Violence is not the answer. Violence is what the dead deal in. We must seek to establish a new, better society - one of justice and of peace. We need debate and reason, not guns and blood. We will win this war by becoming better versions of what we always could have been. We will beat the dead into submission with our better natures. Group Buff Actions that move group members away from their ideal morality for their moral code will have less impact on morality. Required Morality - Justice Between 5000 and 10000 Required Morality - Violence Between -10000 and -5000
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