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Introduction for Known Commands

Known commands are those that are not neccessarily available to all players in the game. Most of these commands are learned as you go along, rather than being available all the time to everyone.

There are one hundred and twenty-four helpfiles in this category.

Index of Known Commands

abscond aim ambush
appraise assemble assess
attend backstab bandage
battlecry bribe butcher
charge charm cheapshot
cleave coldcock command mine
conceal crack crush
cure cut deactivate
deathblow disarm distill
doubletap draft evade
execute fashion feign
feint fell fire
flurry footgrab forage
forge guard gut
hack haggle harvest
heal hide impale
improve inspect instruct
intimidate jimmy judge
kick kneecap lowblow
lure mill mug
negotiate paint palm
pick pin preparation
probe prospect punch
quarry quickdraw rally
rapidfire reassure reload
repair research reveal
rifle roar scrutinize
season shape shove
skin slam slash
slip smash smelt
sneak snipe spray
square ssh stab
steal stitch stomp
struggle study subdue
sunder survey sweep
takedown tame tan
taunt teach throw
tinker track train
treat triage trip
unconceal unjam unpin
upgrade value whittle
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