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Introduction for Objects

These are the helpfiles associated with objects in the game. You must have these objects in your possession before you can make use of them.

There are eighty-four helpfiles in this category.

Index of Objects

alarm ammo armour
baggage bandolier bit
book bottle breakable object
calculator camera claymore
clock clothing coin machine
collection box companion_summoner computer
computer game system container corpse
craftable component die distance viewing
distraction door dye
envelope exercise machine faction box
faction chalkboard firework food
fruit machine game cartridge gatherable
goalpost grenade hackable terminal
inflatable internet access kickable
lightable lighter lock
loot chest medicine mine
mobile phone money obstacle
playback mechanism poseable toy power source
powered device practice object puppet
quest giver radio radio controlled vehicle
radio controlled vehicle control radio frequencies ranged weapon
recording device refill item resource node
ring binder safe scabbard
smokeable snare sniper
stronghold chest stronghold enhancement stronghold equipment
stronghold floor stronghold wall stuffed toy
talking toy trolley upgrade_object
video camera watch weapon
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