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Introduction for Innate Commands

Innate commands are those that are available to all players all the time. Having access to these commands does not mean that you'll be able to use them (some have other checks on them), but nobody needs to go out of their way to learn these commands.

There are two hundred and one helpfiles in this category.

Index of Innate Commands

accept access achievements
afk age alias
announcements answer argue
ask assist badge
barricade bearings benefits
birthdays blog breach
brief bright buffs
bug bug replies bugcheck
bugs bury chenc
chfn climb colour
command:meditate command:watch concealment
concentrate condition consider
converse convert cooldowns
count coverage cremate
crouch debuffs defend
describe disengage dnickname
drag draw drop
dry ealias earmuff
email emote engage
equip evaluate examine
exploration explore extinguish
factions finger follow
friends game stats get
give glance goals
greet group hachievements
health help hike
history hnewbie hnotifications
hold hskills hsoul
htell identify idle
ignore import infocentre
interactions inventory keep
kill knacks kneel
lie listen locate
lockout look lose
lounge lsay lsayto
mail mailinfo map
marking mccp memo
monitor mudlist mxp
nickname offer palette
playtesters poll position
powernap pray protect
pry pursue push
put qalias questsense
quote qwho rate
read rearrange recover
refer refresh register
remote remove resize
roll rot13 rotx
salvage say sayto
schematics score screenreader
search sheathe shout
show sit skills
speak splash squat
stand stop strongholds
su swim syntax
tactics take tell
ticket time title
toolbar totd turn
typo unalias undefend
unfollow unhold unidentify
unignore unkeep unprotect
uptime users verbose
wear weigh wellbeing
wet when whisper
who whoami whois
wield wimpy wind
wipe withdraw wring
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