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Introduction for Creator Commands

These are the commands available to creators for manipulation and querying of the game.

There are one hundred and eight helpfiles in this category.

Index of Creator Commands

addalt addevent autodoc
autodocadd autodocrm banish
block bugreps busy
call callouts cat
cd clone cloner
cp cre creator
data dbxframe dbxwhere
delalt delevent denied
dest dirs discard
du dump dupdate
echo echoto ed
emoteall errors exec
family fetch find
findcorpse finderrors fixed
force forwards gag
gauge goback goto
grep head homedir
host hours housing
inheritance inv load
localcmd ls maestro command
malloc maths mkdir
more mudinfo multiplayer
mv netdups netstat
object ogrep pathof
people playerinfo popd
printerrors project pstat
pushd pwd qpeople
random_name rehash rm
rmdir sar screen
set setmin setmmin
shadows shutdown soulinfo
sql sqlcmd stat
status suspend tail
terms testchar todo
trace trans unblock
update whereis which
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