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Clans - Peer Pressure


Just because there is no-one you can trust in this cruel, vicious world doesn't mean you can't hang out with your friends. Epitaph's clan system allows you to form social alliances with other players and collaborate towards accomplishing in-game goals.

What is a Clan?

A clan is a loose-knit association of individuals. Joining a clan gives you access to the clan surname, as well as any clan bonuses that have been purchased. It also (usually) means that you can begin contributing to large-scale clan achievements. There's no requirement for you to join a clan, but there are benefits for those who do. Each clan may have different levels of freedom for members, and you can find out what rank is required to perform certain tasks through the 'clan permissions' command. Clans may have some thematic context to them, which a member with the appropriate permissions can indicate by changing the clan description. This is done through the 'clan description' command.

Starting a Clan

Players who reach the appropriate age on Epitaph can start their own clan. You can find out if you're one of those players by using the command 'benefits create a clan'. In general, it is better to join an existing clan than start a new one, because larger clans have access to greater resources. However, membership of a clan is fluid and you can always leave a clan if you don't like it. If you want to start your own clan, you can do so through the 'clan create' command. If you want to join an existing clan, you will need to find a member who has the authority to recruit you.

Clan Bonuses

All clans have their own chat channel accessible through the 'clan chat' command. This is a private chat channel available to clan members and no-one else. Additionally, a clan can purchase bonuses by spending 'clan points'. These are purchased with clan XP. Only cetain members of a clan can purchase rewards, but the benefits of rewards accrue to all. The 'clan' command by itself will show You which benefits have been purchased for your clan. 'clan list bonuses' will list all the bonuses that are available, and 'clan buy <bonus>' will allow those with permission to purchase a bonus.

Clan Achievements

In the same way that individuals on Epitaph can earn achievements, so too can clans. Nobody gets any XP for these, but they do contribute to the number of clan points that a clan has available and these points can be spent on benefits. Every member of a clan, provided they have the permission to do so, will contribute towards clan achievements as they accomplish the goals. You can get a list of clan achievements with 'clan list achievements'.

Clan Permissions

Each clan has fine-grained control over who can do what - to begin with, it is only the owner who can perform certain tasks, but any owner can choose to tighten or relax these restrictions. This can be done using the 'clan set permission of <action> to <position>', if you have the permission to both change permissions *and* perform the action for which you wish to change the permission.

Clan Positions

Each clan has four configureable levels of membership - junior member, member, officer, and owner. The titles of these can be changed by those who have the appropriate authority through the 'clan position name' syntax. This has no in-game effect other than to change the titles available through the 'clan status' command. Those with the appropriate permissions can promote/demote members through the 'clan rank change' syntax.

Clan XP and Shares

As clan members function through the game, they'll generate XP for the clan. Each clan comes with an XP share that can be changed by duly empowered members. When accumulated clan XP has reached a certain point, that proportion of the XP will be shared out amongst members. The rest will go to the clan XP bank, which can be used to purchase bonuses. When XP is shared out, it's done according to a share model, and the shares attributed to each position are configurable by duly empowered members. Consider for example if you had three members - a leader getting 100 shares, and two officers each getting 50 shares. This would create a situation where there are 200 shares in the XP generated. An award of 1000 xp is made, which is broken up into 200 shares of 5xp each. The clan leader would receive 100 shares of 5xp (so, 500xp) and each officer would earn 50 shares of 5xp each (250xp each).

Syntax Forms

clan [status] 

Get the status of your current clan.

clan leave 

Leave your your current clan.

clan news 

Get the news of your current clan.

clan news <string> 

Get the news of your current clan by category

clan [status] <clan name> 

Get the status of the indicated clan.

clan permissions 

Get the current permissions associated with your clan.

clan permissions description 

Get the permissions descriptions for clans.

clan permissions description {base clan|stronghold} 

Get the permissions descriptions for clans.

clan set permission [of] <action> to <rank> 

Set the permission of the indicated action to the indicated rank.

clan reset 

Reset your clan permissions back to the default.

clan create <clan name> with <surname> 

Create a new clan of the indicated name and the indicated surname.

clan disband clan 

Disband your current clzn.

clan add <player name> 

Extend an offer for the indicated player to join your clan.

clan remove <player name> 

Remove the indicated player from the clan.

clan rank change <player name> to <title> 

Change the rank of the indicated player to the indicated title.

clan position name <current title> to <new title> 

Change the title of a current position to the indioated new title.

clan history 

Get the history of your clan channel.

clan description 

Set the description of your clan. This command will open up an editor window for you to enter the description.

clan achievement [details] <achievement name> 

Get the details associated with the indicated clan achievement.

clan list achievements 

List all the registered clan achievements.

clan buy [bonus] <bonus> 

Buy the indicated clan bonus for your clan.

clan change [surname] [to] <surname> 

Change the surname of your clan.

clan bonus [details] <bonus> 

Get the details associated with the indicated clan bonus.

clan list bonuses 

List all the registered clan bonuses.

clan set xp share to <number> 

Set the clan XP share to the indicated percent.

clan set number of shares for <position> to <shares> 

Set the clan XP share to the indicated percent.

clan reward <name> with <xp> [xp] 

Add to an XP award for a player.

clan dock <xp> [xp] from <name> 

Remove from an XP award for a player.


Example one

>clan > Details for the clan "Wyrmstalker". Spent Clan Points: 1940/4. Clan XP Available: 500588721. This is the Wyrmstalker clan. Members Clan Leader Drakkos Officer No-one Member Archos Junior Member No-one Achievements * Learning Together * Power Of Two * This Is Sparta Bonuses * Moral Flexibility (5/5) * Quick Learners (2/5)
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