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Crafting - Just let me catch my breath


Epitaph has a work-flow based crafting system that is available to player interesting in creating their own in-game artifacts. Each craft has a simple workflow, but differ substantiall in the details. At the moment, two kinds of crafts are supported - carpentry and metalworking. More crafts will be added as time goes by.

A Crafting Workflow

Crafts break down into four main stages - gathering, where you procure the raw resources from gatherable nodes such as trees and veins of ore. From this stage, you start to manipulate items to turn them into successively more refined products (logs into planks, ingots into bars, and so on). Then, you assemble these items into raw products depending on your known schematics. Finally, when you are finished with a particular item, you can salvage it to gain back (some of) the raw components for incorporation in another item.


Surveying is the process of finding gatherable nodes in the game. Rooms often have resource profiles that define what kind of resources may be found there, in what quantities, and how difficult they are to locate. If you 'prospect' for metal in an iron mine, you shouldn't have any problems finding them. If you 'survey' for lumber in a tree lined street, you're more likely to find any trees that would make servicable wood. Let common sense guide you here - the resource are where you think they would be. If they're not, let us know so we can add them.


Once you've found suitable nodes to harvest, you must gather them - the process for this may differ depending on the exact nodes. For metal veins, you 'mine' them, and for trees you first 'fell' and then 'cut' them. Each node has a limited amount of the resource contained within, although your skills will influence the exact yield.


Processing turns the raw materials that you gain from gathering into the components required for more nuanced crafting. With the iron ore you gain from mining, you can smelt that into useful metal bars. Processing often requires some kind of equipment, such as a forge or a sawmill. The products from processing are then fed into the final stage of the crafting workflow.


The resource you create have limited value unless you can do something with them. Spread around the game are various schematics, and these teach you how to make things from raw components. Each schematic has a particular command that allows you to create it, and a set of components that must be supplied. Using the appropriate command to construct the schematic will result (dependent on skills) in you creating that item. Our crafting system lets us make lots of things easily available, so if you have schematics you'd like to see, feel free to suggest them.

Item quality

The quality of the items that you produce through the crafting system is dependant on a wide variety of things - your skills, the quality of the components that went into the item, the number of components, and the quality of the schematic that you are using. The item quality is often more than a simple decorative description - it directly influences the functionality of many items that you create.


As time goes by, you'll find you need to refer to schematics less often - every time you use a schematic, you remember something of how the item was constructed. You can see what schematics you have memorised by using the 'memory' command.

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