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Economy - It's (Still) A Rich Man's World


It seems somewhat unbelievable, but money is still worth something in the post apocalypse. It turned out, even after the end of the world, that having a symbolic token to indicate financial obligation was something worth preserving. Modern money, being extremely difficult to counterfeit, retained value in the emerging apocalyptic economy. The fact its value is backed by a large and powerful faction probably had something to do with that.

Why Is There Money?

Money in the post apocalypse is a shared delusion, much like it is now. The modern world, for all its focus on Capitalism and consumerism, had surprisingly little actually hard currency in circulation. Everything was done by debit or credit cards. As such, the existing pool of real money served a purpose when the remaining survivors attempted to rebuild a functioning society. The currency is backed, not by gold, but by bullets, food and water. It is commodity money, and the commodities that it is based on are the foundations of survival.


Of course, it's not like the world just rolled on the way it had - the apocalypse had a huge impact on how valuable things were. You can't sell a big screen TV for love nor money these days, except as replacement electrical parts. On the other hand, you'd be amazed how much people will pay for a bottle of clean mineral water or a cigarette. Money is still the mechanism by which goods change hands, but the things that are valuable have changed substantially.

Earning money

Most of the creatures that walk the world will have money on them in some way, shape or form. You will also be given money for completing missions and selling goods. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a bank any more, and you are limited to whatever you can carry, and whatever you can ferret away...

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