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Elo - Do you have the skills that pay the bills?


Any arbitrary two-player competition in Epitaph can be rated through our Elo system, much in the way professional chess games are rated. There are several of these that we track, and if you are ranked for any of these it will be displayed in your 'score' output.

What Elo scores are currently tracked?

Engaging in one on one playerkilling will result in you earning or losing Elo rating, as will playing chess games on one of the in-game chess sets.

What does Elo mean?

Elo is gained most quickly by beating players who have higher Elo scores than yourself. It is not gained very quickly by beating players who have lower scores than yourself. If you lose in an Elo ranked endeavour, you will lose Elo rating depending on the distance between you and your opponent. As such, Elo is a ranking of *relative* skill between players.

What does it do?

It does nothing much except give you bragging rights and also give us a reasonably well established way to rate multiple interactions between players in a particular sphere (so we can award achievements and such). PK achievements would be very dull if they were simply 'kill ten people', because you could find ten newbies and kill those. They wouldn't be very equal if they were 'kill ten people of comperable age' because you can spend a day building PK skills and you'll destroy anyone who spend a year focusing on crafting. Elo then is a reasonably fair numerical approximation for real relative skill.

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