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Enhancements - Did I show you my camera +5?


Items that are created on Epitaph are sometimes unusually well manufactured. Maybe they were cast from an especially good batch of metal, or use expensive batteries, or designed by someone who still had a bit of pride in his or her work. Whatever the reason for it, some items are just better than others. These items are described as having 'enhancements'. You won't know by just looking an item that it's better, you must first identify it.

What kind of item can have enhancements?

Practically any item can be enhanced. Some of these enhancements are common to all objects, such as those that simply weigh less than others. Some are specific to particular kinds of objects. Some of the enhancements are very desireable, some are just curiosities.

How do I tell if an item is enhanced?

If you have the 'appraise' command available to you, you can use it to pick up if any items in your target list have enhancements. This is skill-checked, so you can't guarantee that if you don't find anything (or indeed, if you *do*) that it is actually true until you have the item identified.

How do I identify an enhancement?

There are various commands that are used to get a view of specific features of specific objects - judge for melee weapons, inspect for fire-arms, and so on. Each time of inspection can reveal certain properties of an item. Evaluate can be used to identify the general properties that these commands will not. As with appraising a batch of items, identifying is skill-checked, and the skill and difficulty used depends on the enhancement itself. Once someone had identified an enhancement, it'll be visible in that weapon's long description to everyone.

What is the difference between an enhancement and an upgrade?

An upgrade is obvious to everyone - you can see for yourself if a shotgun has a sawn-off barrel, or if a machine gun has a bayonet fitted. Enhancements on the other hand are invisible until identified, and do not count towards the maximum number of upgrades you can install on a weapon. They are in all sense of the words, a 'free' upgrade.

See Also:

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