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Epitaph Black Ops -


Epitaph Black Ops is the development server for Epitaph. It is available only to creators and playtesters, although it supports comprehensive cross MUD communication. Whenever you see a * by someone's name on login or chatting it means that they are doing so from the development MUD.

Cross MUD Communication

When you chat on any of the game's channels, including the radio and newbie channel, we see it on Epitaph Black Ops. Similarly when we chat on any of the game channels, you'll see it over there. You can see when we login or logout, and we can see you. We can send tells between the MUDs - those on Epitaph can send tells with 'tell <person>@epitaph.black.ops how cool is this?', and on Black Ops we can send them pack with 'tell person@epitaph aaaaa'


It lets us separate out the development mess-ups from the game that you should be playing and enjoying. We can crash the MUD, lag it to hell and back, break every object in the game, and reboot at will. None of that will affect you in the slightest other than occasionally you may hear tiny, far-off screams of pain. It makes your game more stable, and makes it possible for us to be less tentative in how we approach development.

Copyright Statement

Epitaph Black Ops - Epiphany v1.2.13 [development]. Copyright © Imaginary Realities Ltd 2009 -