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Idea Reports - Tell Us Your Desires


You're all wonderful, bright and intelligent people. If you weren't, you'd be playing some other game. With that in mind, we like to hear the ideas you have for improving the game. Our system for dealing with these reports is a little complex, so let's talk a bit about it and what we're hoping to get out of it.

A Disclaimer

Before we get to the idea reporting system, I would like to say a few things so as to give you an appreciation as to what kind of reports are most useful to us. It's tremendously frustrating for you to spend your time and energy writing an idea report and have it end up being denied. Please have a read of the "good ideas" help file to see how to give your idea the best chance at being considered.

Epitaph and the Oracle

The ideas that you make on Epitaph are publicly viewable and accessible through a system known as the Oracle. The oracle is a system for managing unstructured data through tagging and moderation. Basically, when you make an idea report, you throw it out to the savage dogs of the playerbase for them to comment and rate the idea. What this gives us as developers as a way of getting a good view of what you guys think would be cool, and it greatly simplifies our task of finding reports that will excite people - the ones that are highest rated are the ones we need to spend the greatest amount of time considering.

Denied Reports

However, it's important to realise that the eventual fate of an idea is not being decided on the basis of your votes - we have a range of criteria we need to apply before a report can be considered for inclusion. What the moderation system permits you to do is influence which reports get our attention. But bear in mind - even reports which have wholehearted, fully throated support from every single player we have may end up being denied.

Your Contributions

We greatly value your contributions - you guys actively play more than we do, and you'll know the things that you find fun. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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