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Noticeability - keep your head down


In the grim darkness of the zombie apocolypse, danger is everywhere. It's very important in such circumstances that you make efforts to avoid being noticed by the undead and unfriendly humans who may be prowling the streets. As you perform actions in the game, your noticeability is a consequence of how easily spotted you are and how loud you are.

Visual Noticeability

Your visual noticeability is based on how illuminated you are, mainly during the night. If you're lit up like a christmas tree, you'll find that you are a source of considerable interest to those things around you.

Auditory Noticeability

Your auditory noticeability is based, unsurprisingly, on how much noise you are making. If you use noisy weapons, shout like a crazy person, and engage in noisy activities like combat, you'll find that the denizens around tend to take more interest in your activities.

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