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Professions - What Did You Do Before The Apocalypse, Daddy?


Epitaph is a class-less system - nobody forces you into a game role, instead you purchase commands and knacks based on your own preferences, and advance skills according to your own requirements. Professions do not alter that in the slightest - what they do is give you some bonuses based on the role that your character had before the apocalypse hit.

How Do I Pick A Profession?

You'll get a chance to pick a profession as part of a dream event at some point. Don't worry about it - it'll happen eventually provided you powernap every so often.

What Does A Profession Do?

Professions give you several things. One thing they do is give you a set of 'favoured skills'. These skills will TM at a faster rate than your other skills. Some professions also come with commands and knacks, and these will be free for you to purchase. You can get a list of favoured skills, knacks and commands using the 'professions' command. The command by itself will give you a list of all the professions on Epitaph. 'professions details <string>' will let you examine a profession in more detail.


On a more decorative level, professions usually also give you access to titles - these can be both pre-titles *and* post-nominal titles. Pre-titles will be made available to you through the 'title' command when you have achieved the appropriate level in the profession. Post-nominal titles will accumulate automatically based on level.

Profession Level

Your level is a profession is the average of your levels in all the favoured skills. It has no real bearing on the game other than to give you access to the pre-titles and post-nominal titles.

Syntax Forms

profe_ssions [list] 

List available professions.

profe_ssions [list] base 

List available base professions.

profe_ssions [list] prestige 

List available prestige professions.

profe_ssions details <profession> 

Get the details for a particular profession.


Example one

> The following professions are known on Epitaph. * Security Guard * Chef * Doctor * Farmer * Solicitor * Mechanic * Firefighter * Criminal * Academic * Police Officer * Soldier
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