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Quest - You must take this ring to Mordor


Epitaph has a large number of quests available for players to attempt to solve. Unlike achievements, discussion of these are not permitted on public channels (because half the fun of a quest should be in solving it). As with achievements though, they come with game rewards such as XP, quest points, and sometimes titles and other rewards.

Finding Quests

Mostly, quests are discovered through exploring. Perhaps an NPC says something that makes you think 'hey, that sounds like a quest', and then further quizzing of the NPC will reveal that they want you to do something. Sometimes you'll see something in a long description that is suggestive, or in a room chat. Sometimes you encounter an object that just screams 'there's something really unusual about this'. Finding quests is part of the appeal to many players, and so you are not permitted to ask about quests, or whether things *are* quests on a public channel. If you want to know, you can use the 'questsense' command which will check your immediate vicinity and tell you if a quest is present.

Accepting Quests

All quests will automatically record your progress if you solve part of them, but many quests also have a quest giver associated with them. You can 'accept' quests from these to have them formally recorded in your quest journal (which is accessible through the 'quests' command). Many quests also require a formal hand-in, although others will be marked as completed as soon as you meet the requirements of the quest. You can hand-in a quest by finding the appropriate NPC and using the 'complete' command.

Solving Quests

Quests come in a wide variety of types on Epitaph. Some of them are very action based (requiring you to accomplish a goal against the clock or under adverse conditions). Some are very cerebral, requiring you to perform various calculations, analyses, and often make use of spreadsheets, copious notes, and other decision aids. Some are more straightforward, simply requiring you to use the right command in the right place at the right time. Each quest is different, and working out how it is to be solved is part of the fun. Again, you are not permitted to ask questions about how quests are solved in a public channel, but the questsense command can be used to give hints. If you have earned the distinction to view full quest solutions (see 'benefits view full quest solutions') then you can view the full solution on our website, as well as the hints available through the questsense command.

Why So Secret?

On Epitaph, we believe that quests are to be savoured, and one of the easiest ways to ruin that is to spoil them for people. Many people enjoy the whole process of seeking out a quest, working out how to solve it, and then seeing that solution through. There's no easier way to ruin that for people than to ask on a public channel 'Hey, I found the womble and her brooch was in the hints room - how do I give it to her?'. You can discuss quests in private with people (make sure that you won't inadvertently spoil it for them - it's a good idea to ask if they mind discussing a particular quest), but not in public - that includes the talker, clan channels, the newbie channel, or shouts.

Syntax Forms

ques_ts [list] 

List the quests in your quest journal.

ques_ts story <string> 

View the details associated with a particular quest.

ques_ts abandon <string> 

Abandon the indicated quest.

ques_ts completed 

list the quests you have completed in order of completion

ques_ts completed sorted 

List the quests you have completed in alphabetical order.

ques_ts unset <quest> 

Unset a quest that is marked as in playtesting. Playtester only syntax.

ques_ts completed for <player> 

View the completed quests for the indicated player. Creator only syntax.

ques_ts [list] for <player> 

List the quests in the quest journal of the indicated player. Creator only syntax.

ques_ts unset <quest> for <name> 

Unset the indicated quest for the inficated player. Creator only syntax.


Example one

> quests list * The Dastardly Deed * The Game * Images Of The End Of The World * How Do You Sleep

Example two

> quests story how do you sleep Story for How Do You Sleep. Seriously? You're going to defraud a grieving mother out of money? How do you sleep at night? I'll give you another chance to make matters right - or you can just abandon this quest and I'll never bother you again.

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