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Taskmaster - Learning by Doing


The taskmaster is Epitaph's engine for determining whether or not you succeed in an action you have attempted to perform. In addition, it manages the chance that you will be given free levels in the skill you are using (a TM). As such, it is advisable to offer some prayers in the hope of obtaining its favours.

Success and Failure

Whenever you perform a task on Epitaph, your bonus in a skill is rolled against a difficulty for the task. If the roll goes in your favour, you succeed in the task. If it doesn't, you fail. The degree to which you succeed or fail is based on the distance between your roll and the target. It is your bonus that is used for this, never your level.


Not all actions will give the opportunity for TMs - some tasks are so far beyond you that you simply won't be able to learn anything from the attempt. Some tasks are so simple for you that there is nothing left to learn. These kind of actions will never grant you with a TM. The sweet spot is tasks that are 'difficult enough' - tasks that have a reasonable chance of failure associated with them. When you attempt one of these tasks, the taskmaster will determine whether or not the attempt has allowed you to learn something new about the process. If it has, you'll be granted a shiny new level in the skill for nothing.

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