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Website - We're Totally 2.0


Epitaph has a fully featured website that allows you to explore much of the data regarding you and other players. It is available at http://drakkos.co.uk. Some pages will require you to login, which you can do with your normal username and password. Some parts of the site have restricted access - you will only be able to access creator tools if you are a creator, for example. The website includes front-ends for things such as our achievements system, badges, polls, and so on.


We also have a player wiki at http://epitaph.imaginary-realities.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page. This is entirely player run and administered, and while it is hosted by Drakkos@Epitaph, no editorial control is exerted over its development. Players are picked to administer the wiki on the basis of evidence of sustained contribution - there are badges available for those who make substantial contributions to the wiki also.

Your Own Epitaph Page

If you want to start up your own Epitaph web-page but have no place to put it, then you can mail Drakkos@Epitaph who will set you up with some free webspace. This webpspace can include mysql, PHP and various other web technologies - speak to Drakkos about your requirements and he'll see what can be arranged. As a proviso, while Drakkos does not make any claim over your website or its content, in the event it becomes outdated and you are no longer around to ask about it, he does reserve the right to provide others access to keep it up to date, and also the right to delete it entirely should that be neccessary for whatever reason. Websites hosted on this space must be primarily Epitaph related, and cannot be used for commercial reasons or for storing illegal or illicit content.


We have a Facebook page too - you can find that puppy at http://www.facebook.com/EpitaphOnline. It's a useful resource if we're down for whatever reason, or you want to see major announcements right there in your news feed.

Syntax Forms

wiki [updates] 

Get recent updates to the player wiki.

wiki creator [updates] 

Get the recent updates to the creator wiki.


Example one

> wiki Recent updates for the Player wiki. [Train Gang], on Mon Jul 15 20:17:21 2013 by Cheeky
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