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Finderrors without a command, will search through the list of directories, stopping at the first with an ERRORS_REPORT file, the work like the errors command.

With add and remove, directories can be added and removes from the list, with list the list can be seen and print will make a file containing all reports found in the directories in the list.

With count, the command will list all dirs with reports, and how many are in each.

If directories are added or removed using the recursive syntax, all subdirectories will be added or removed as well. Note that this may make the list very long.


finderrors add /d/am/temple_cut

Syntax Forms

finde_rrors add <word> 
finde_rrors add <word> recursive 
finde_rrors remove <word> 
finde_rrors remove <word> recursive 
finde_rrors list 
finde_rrors count 
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