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The housing command lets you view (and modify) information about houses stored in the housing handler. The housing handler is used to handle the sale/rental of all houses on the Disc. It keeps track of who owns which house, where that house is, how much the rent is, et cetera.

Only add a house to the handler if it is in the game and open for players. Any vacant house in the handler will automatically get put up for auction!

Each house has a primary room and any number of subsidiary rooms. A house must always be referred to by the filename of the primary room. Adding a new house

Adding a house to the handler is done with the 'housing add' command. You must provide the filename of the main house room, the (auction) region of the Disc the house is in, whether it is rented (1), leased (2), or club rented (3), and a street address.

After this you must add each of the other rooms in the house with the command 'housing add room', again giving the filename of the main house room and then the filename of the room you're adding.

You must also define the street exit point for this house with 'housing exit'. The street exit point is the non-player-property room which connects to the property.

If you are adding the house into a sub-region of a city (a region which merely has different bidder requirements) you should change the name of the city with 'housing city' so that it displays properly in any mailings from the housing handler.

Once a house has been added to the handler, you must make it vacant, otherwise it will not be put up for auction. You can do this by using 'housing owner <house> none' to set its flag as for sale.

Be sure to check the final results of the property with 'housing list <house>'. Altering house information

You can remove a house from the mapping with the 'housing remove house' command or remove a single room from a house with 'housing remove room'.

You can set the owner of a house with 'housing owner'. Note you can make a house vacant with 'housing owner <house> none'.

If you are modifying a house the 'rented' argument takes a number, depending on whether it is rented (1), leased (2), or a club house (3). Searching for houses

The 'housing list' and 'housing list address' commands can take a search parameter which will be matched against the output. To invert a search place 'not' in front of the search term.

'housing list' shows the filename, renter, number of rooms and region. 'housing list address' shows the filename, address and region.

If you give the filename of a single house you will see the full details of that house. If you don't give any search string you will receive a list of all the houses in the handler.


> housing add /d/am/streets/elm/houses/12hall Ankh-Morpork 1 12 Elm Street, Ankh-Morpork
House added

> housing list elm /d/am/streets/elm/house/10livingroom - Renter: brighid. 11 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). /d/am/streets/elm/house/19blivingroom - Renter: ded. 2 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). /d/am/streets/elm/house/12hall - Renter (A$485): slipstream. 3 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). /d/am/streets/elm/house/19alivingroom - Renter: For Sale. 2 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). /d/am/streets/elm/house/13hall - Renter: lobo. 6 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). /d/am/streets/elm/house/14hall - Renter: dlsss. 6 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). /d/am/streets/elm/house/17hall - Renter: For Sale. 6 rooms (Ankh-Morpork). 7 houses found.

> housing list not /d/ /w/ceres/livingroom - Leaser: ceres. 1 rooms (Creatorspace). /w/balev/pshop - Owner (A$1): balev. 1 rooms (Test). /w/turvity/places/1shack - Renter: turvity. 1 rooms (fluff). /w/terano/REAS/test_house/flat1 - Owner: terano. 2 rooms (Test). /w/balev/casino - Owner: balev. 1 rooms (Test). /w/aquilo/rooms/shop - Owner: aquilo. 1 rooms (theclouds). 6 houses found.

> housing list /d/am/streets/elm/house/12hall House: /d/am/streets/elm/house/12hall Owner: tempus Address: 12 Elm Street, Ankh-Morpork City: Ankh-Morpork Region: Ankh-Morpork Type: Rented Value: 50000 In Arrears: no Street Exit: /d/am/streets/elm/house/12livingroom Rooms: /d/am/streets/elm/house/12livingroom, /d/am/streets/elm/house/12bed, /d/am/streets/elm/house/12hall

Syntax Forms

hous_ing list 
hous_ing list <search> 
hous_ing list address 
hous_ing list address <search> 
hous_ing sell <house> 
hous_ing add <house> <region> <rented> <address> 
hous_ing modify <house> <region> <rented> <address> 
hous_ing add room <house> <room> 
hous_ing remove room <house> <room> 
hous_ing owner <house> <owner> 
hous_ing remove <house> 
hous_ing exit <house> <non-phouse room> 
hous_ing city <house> <city> 
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