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The netdups command gives a listing of all potential multiplayers by checking if there are multiple players logged on from the same IP address. The command gives the names of the players, the IP number, the IP name and a list of names which are not registered as allowed to be on from the same IP address. The info for the last field is taken from the multiplayer info database.

You can add or delete multiplayers (allowed or not) with the multiplayer command. The default is that they are not allowed, however, if you add them to the multiplayer info database as not allowed, their logons will also cause automatic 'multiplay' events in their playerinfo as well as 'multiplayer' type informs.

The output of netdups can be changed with the set command. The current output settings can be displayed with the review command.


> netdups
Name IP Number IP Name Not allowed with
turrican localhost turri
turri localhost turrican
pinkfish localhost

Syntax Forms

netdups <word> 
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