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Shutdown is the last resort when the mud becomes unbearably slow, or very strange things are happening. It should not be used unless absolutely neccesary. Lpmud is very good at crashing itself at least every few days, so there should never develop the case where the mud needs to be shutdown. The mud does gradually slow down as it has been up for a long time, but on a decent machine, you won't notice this. It also may be neccesary to shutdown if the memory usage gets extremely high, but the mud should be made to do this itself rather than getting creators to shut the mud down manually in this circumstance. You must supply a reason as to why you are shutting down the mud.

Directors and above can set the minimum time to 0 using 'now' whereas the default minimum is 10 minutes.


> shutdown now horrible bug in /global/simul_efun.c and want to get all objects using new one.

> shutdown 10 sysadmin wants mud off to run memory intensive program. shutting down for 3 hours.

> shutdown 20 player is doing some strange things. We think we have fixed the bug, and want to shutdown the game to be sure all players are using new player.

Syntax Forms

shutdown <number of minutes> <reason> 
shutdown now <reason> 
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