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The suspend command can be used to stop a particular character logging in for a period of time... this is almost exclusively used as a punishment. If someone wishes to be voluntarily suspended, direct them towards the 'lockout' command.

The syntax provides four methods of suspending. The first is most flexible, and allows you to simply state a multiple of a particular block of time. '2 weeks', for example. The second is in seconds, so you must suspend for '86400' to suspend for a day.

The third is the standard 'quick' suspension and will suspend for two hours. This is a good way to get an abusive or angry player to calm down.

The fourth is a two week multiplayer suspension.

This command is restricted... seniors and liaisons can suspend for two hours maximum. Liaisons can suspend for standard multiplaying offences. Liaison deputies can suspend for as long as two weeks. Directors and above have access to the unrestricted suspend command.


suspend drakkos 2 years being a really nasty bastard, full of bile and hatred
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