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Announcements - Have you heard the news?


When things of special importance have happened in the game, things that wouldn't go into our patch notes, we might make a posting to our announcements blog. The 'announcements' command will let you see the last ten announcement posts for the game. You will get regular reminders of new the news if you haven't checked since the last time an announcement was posted.

Syntax Forms

announce_ments [list] 

View the announcements.

announce_ments {latest|-1} 

View the latest announcement.

announce_ments [read] <number> 

Read a specific announcement.


Example one

> announcements There are 10 articles in Announcements. [1] 18 Rated (by Drakkos), Mon Jul 1 20:36:33 2013 [2] HUGO (by Drakkos), Wed Apr 10 15:10:59 2013 [3] Scary Christmas, Everybody! (by Drakkos), Mon Dec 24 09:51:23 2012 [4] HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY (by Drakkos), Mon Dec 17 22:29:35 2012 [5] Crashy Crashy (by Drakkos), Sat Nov 10 12:16:05 2012 [6] EVERYTHING IS CLOSING DOWN (by Drakkos), Tue Sep 18 15:22:15 2012 [7] Patch 1.5.2 (by Drakkos), Sat Sep 1 16:05:36 2012 [8] Please Mister Postman (by Drakkos), Fri Aug 31 20:26:43 2012 [9] Scheduled Maintenance (by Drakkos), Fri Aug 31 14:50:12 2012 [10] The Breaking of the Fellowship (by Drakkos), Thu Aug 30 12:36:16 2012

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