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The basic form of this command will read an existing alias into the line editor and allow you to edit it, saving the edited alias in place of the old one.

You can also create a 'new' alias directly and begin editing it immediately.

This command also allows you to 'copy' an existing alias to a new alias name and edit the new version, so long as the new name isn't already an alias.

Note that when editing an existing alias, there may be a surplus '$*$' sequence. It is added to the end of aliases created with 'alias', if not specified within them. You may need to delete it.

Syntax Forms

ea_lias <alias> 

Edit the alias with the indicated name. The alias must exist for this syntax to be used.

ea_lias new <alias> 

Create a new alias with the indicated name.

ea_lias copy <alias> to <new alias> 

Copy the alias indicated by the original name to a new alias with the second name.


Example one

> alias womblefrog tell $*$ Are you a womble, or a frog?! Added alias 'womblefrog'.

Example two

> ealias spike No alias 'spike' defined.

Example three

> ealias new spike Enter your text. Use ** on a line by itself to exit. 1 ] ... Added alias 'spike'.

Example four

> ealias copy womblefrog to spike The alias 'spike' already exists.

Example five

> ealias copy womblefrog to frogwomble Enter your text. Use ** on a line by itself to exit. 2 ] ... Added alias 'frogwomble'.

See Also:

alias, unalias, qalias
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