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Explore - To Go Boldly


At various parts of the game, marked by a string of text such as 'From here you can make your way farther into the big, scary world.', you're able to 'explore'. Exploration takes you from your current location and gives you a branching choice that takes you from one place to another. Along the way you might find new areas, or have random encounters with NPCs. Maestro will take an interest in your activities also. When you have discovered new areas, you can often fast travel to these locations using the specialised commands such as 'hike'.

Syntax Forms

explore [here] 

If you are in an exploration area, begin exploring.

explore list 

List the exploration opportunities available from here.

explore <string> 

Explore a particular exploration opportunity.


Example one

> explore Your set off on your exploration.

See Also:

exploration, hike
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