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Without any arguments, it gives a full listing of all muds with which this mud is capable of communication through tell, finger, and other intermud services.

If you only specify the name, the mudlist command will try and find the mud with an exact matching name and show you more details about the mud.

With arguments, <mudlist> requires one and only one option which must be one of the following:

-d [driver List only muds using the named driver
-m [mudlib] List only muds using the named mudlib
-n [mudname] List only the muds with the name given

Note that the argument need not be complete, for example: 'mudlist -n Epit' will list Epitaph as well as any other mud whose name begins with the string 'Epit'.

Syntax Forms


Output a list of all the MUDs of which Epitaph is aware.

mudlist <mud> 

Get the details associated with a specific mud.


Example one

> mudlist -d Fluffos
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