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Poll - Have You Ever Been Polled? Well, You Just Were


From time to time, in our little MUD world, the creators like to ask the playerbase for their opinions on certain things. When they want to find out information, there is a polling system of which they can make use.


Voting in the poll requires at least two days of player age. You can provide your answer with 'poll answer'. You can answer as many times as you like, only your last answer is accepted at the closing date of the poll.

Poll Informs

If you wish to suppress the login inform of new polls, you can do sowith 'options output suppress_poll = on'.

Web Interface

There is a web interface available through the Epitpah Online webpages. It can be found at $URL$/secure/polling.c

Syntax Forms

poll [current] 

View the current poll, if there is one.

poll list past 

List all the past polls that have been run.

poll view <string> 

View the indicated past poll.

poll view 

List all the past polls that have been run. Alternate syntax.

poll [answer] <number> 

Answer the current poll with the indicated answer. Only valid if you have the right to vote in polls.

poll open <string> 

Open the indicated poll. Creator only syntax.


Example one

> poll current The current poll question is: Sometimes creators would like to know things of their players. Do you think it's a good idea for there to be a polling system to support that? 1) Yes 2) Sure 3) Definitely 4) Hell yes 5) Drakkos is hot Please answer with "poll answer " This poll closes at: Fri Feb 6 17:57:22 2009

Example two

> poll answer 5 You have answered: "drakkos is hot" Thank you for responding!

Example three

> poll view Past polls: * [Web Forums] For the advancement of survivor communication
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