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Powernap - Can't sleep, clowns will eat me


When you're low on energy, or just want to block out the horror of the world for a bit, you can grab a powernap. Be warned that the world doesn't get any brighter just because you've checked out. Powernapping will restore some of your energy (more if you powernap *on* a suitable surface, and if you're in an area where NPCs cannot spawn), and might occasionally result in you being visited by dreams. Dark, haunting dreams. If you have an unused sleeping bag in your inventory, or if one is in your current environment, you'll make use of that. Using a sleeping bag will reduce the cooldown on the command.


3600 seconds

Syntax Forms


Powernap on the floor, like a dog.

powernap {in|on} <object> 

Powernap on an appropriately flat object.


Example one

> powernap You lie down on the ground, curl up in a ball and attempt to sleep for a few minutes.

Example two

> powernap on locker You make an attempt to get comfortable on the firmly secured box, and then close your eyes with the intention of sleeping.
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