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If you've decided that it's time for your character to move on to new pastures, you can hit the 'refresh' command to start him or her off as if it were day one. Refreshing allows you to keep your character name, account age, and account creation but it loses all in-game progress except for 'prestige'. You can choose to change your gender during a refresh, and you will start off in the Winchester with a backpack full of the stuff you would have gained by going through the newbie area. Be warned, you cannot undo this action.


Example one

> refresh totally WARNING! This will restart your character. Are you sure you wish to refresh yourself totally? > yes Refresh will erase your character and recreate it at the Winchester. It will be like you've just come out of the tutorial. You will appear back at your start area, with the usual newbie equipment. Use with care and note that this operation cannot be undone. Having read the documentation, are you still sure you wish to refresh the character 'Draconius' totally? > yes Ok, refreshing totally. Doing refresh... You have gained 1597 prestige points from your refresh.

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