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Gives the current real life time and date in several locations of the world. The Epitaph server is located in Bristol, UK, that is, in the same timezone as London. If you wish to know the current time on the Epit, please buy a watch or consult your nearest clock.

Syntax Forms


Show the current time in various time zones.

time {brief|verbose} 

Show the time in brief or default format.

time clear local 

Clear the local time settings stored for this character.

time set local <name> to <offset> 

Set the local time settings for this character. You can name the time zone, and the offset is calculated from GMT.


Example one

> time [Mon Jul 3 07:44:48 2006 PDT ] [Mon Jul 3 10:44:48 2006 EDT ] [Mon Jul 3 15:44:48 2006 in London ] [Mon Jul 3 14:44:48 2006 GMT ] [Mon Jul 3 16:44:48 2006 CEST ] [Tue Jul 4 00:44:48 2006 in Sydney ]

Example two

> time set local GMT+1 DST to 2 You set your local time zone with a name of GMT+1 DST and a GMT offset of 2.

Example three

> time brief [Thu Jun 24 04:37:22 2004 in GMT+1 DST]

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