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Wipe - wipe it all away


As you adventure through Epitaph, you'll find yourself encountering things that cause yourself and your equipment to get stained, or you'll find the gruesome consequences of a city at war with the dead. The wipe command can be used to clear some of your equipment.

It requires some kind of item made of an absorbant material (cloth, for example), and only works on items that are not absorbant themselves.

You can also use it to clean away the gore in a room in which you happen to be standing.

Syntax Forms

wipe <object> {with|on} <object> 

Clean a particular object using a suitably absorbant item.

wipe [here] [with] <object> 

Do a bit of tidying up in the current room using a suitably absorbant item.


Example one

> wipe machete with ankle socks You wipe some of the stains from the machete with a pair of white cotton ankle socks.

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