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Battlecry - You killed my father, prepare to die

Command Cost

250 Command Points


The battlecry command allows you to unleash a powerful shout designed to both bolster your allies (those who are in a group with you) and intimidate your foes (enemies in the current room). Allies who are bolstered lose resolve and energy at 90% of the usual speed, and all damage is increased by 10%. Foes who are shakened have 10% increased energy and resolve decay, as well as having a 10% penalty to damage. Be warned though, if you mess up you run the risk of frightening your friends and bolstering your enemies instead...


120 seconds

Syntax Forms

battlecry <battlecry> 

Deliver the indicated text as your battlecry.


Example one

> battlecry The deuce, you say! You let loose a powerful battlecry. > You loudly exclaim: The deuce, you say! Draconius Wyrmstalker looks tremendously bolstered by your battlecry!

See Also:

taunt, roar
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