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Feint - I'm going to hit you there, trust me

Command Cost

250 Command Points


Feint is a melee command that allows you to act like you are going to strike the opponent in a certain way, with the intention of fooling them and putting them off balance for a period of time. The attack does no damage, but while off balance all combat skill-checks made by the target will be at a disadvantage.


60 seconds

Syntax Forms

feint [at] <target> with <weapon> 

Feint the indicated target with the indicated weapon

feint [at] <target> 

Feint the indicated target with an appropriate weapon


Example one

> feint at draconius with shotgun You prepare to feint at Draconius Wyrmstalker. You feint one way, and Draconius Wyrmstalker falls for it.
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