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Treat - Tell me where it hurts

Command Cost

500 Command Points


When you die without having an appropriate buffer in place, your character will develop decrepitudes - broken limbs, psychological trauma, and so on. The treat command is how you can get rid of these. Treating a decrepitude of this type requires two things - the skills, and the cures.

Treating Decrepitudes

Mangled arms and legs can be fixed with splints, concussions can be treated by bandages, and PTSD requires anti depressants. The level of your decripitude (the number of stacks) will influence just how strong your cure must be. If you have three stacks of blood poisoning for example, you'll need the high tier antibiotics (and these may not be easy to find). Additionally, difficulty of the treatment depends on how many stacks are on you. Each successful treatment will remove a stack of the impairment, which will open you up to using less rare/expensive treatments. A single stack of blood poisoning for example will be treatable with any antibiotic, whereas if you try those antibiotics on a three stack impairment, they won't have any effect at all.

Syntax Forms

treat {mangled arm|mangled leg|concussion|post traumatic stress|blood poisoning|digestion troubles} of <object> with <object> 


Example one

> treat mangled arm of draconius with splint You medically treat Draconius. You fuss around, attaching the splint to the mangled arm of Draconius.

See Also:

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