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The domain command allows you to query and set various pieces of information about your domain, and query various pieces of information about other domains.

'domain project' allows you to set the project of a creator in your domain. Note that if you set the project as $project$ then your master object will query the project management handler for the list of this creator's projects.

'domain info' by itself will go through the members of each domain and check to see if they are creators and if they have a directory. NOTE: This is very CPU intensive! Don't do this in anger.

You can use the specialised 'domain info <domain>' commands to see the list of domain members sorted by name, project or last login. This is useful to see which members of your domain have been gone for a long time. The last online times are colour coded so you can tell at a glance which creators are worthy of a red last login time.

'domain add' allows you to add a creator to your domain. Please note, this will not employ them.

'domain delete' removes a creator from your domain. Please note, this will not dismiss them.

'domain list' will list the members and projects of a particular domain.

The commands in here have duplicates in your domain common room and in the domain control room (/d/admin/room/domain_control). The command is the most versatile of these.


> domain project drakkos forn Domain Dominatrix Project for Drakkos set to Domain Dominatrix in the domain forn.
> domain add dtest forn Creator Dtest now added to domain forn.
> domain delete dtest forn Member Dtest removed from domain forn.

Syntax Forms

dom_ain list <list> 
dom_ain add <creator> <domain> 
dom_ain delete <creator> <domain> 
dom_ain project <creator> <domain> <project> 
dom_ain info <domain> 
dom_ain info <domain> [by] {n|name|p|project|l|login} 
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