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This command allows you to forbid objects of a particular filename from appearing in player inventories. Creators, playtesters, guests and interactives with the 'test character' property set will not be frisked by the dwarves. If a banned object appears in the inventory of any other players, it will be confiscated by the dwarves, have the no recycling property added to it, and dested. This command can be used to deal with playtester items that have leaked into the game.

'Invcheck ban <filename>' is used to add <filename> to the list of banned objects. 'Invcheck unban <filename>' removes an entry from the forbidden list. 'Invcheck list' will list all forbidden objects.


> invcheck ban /d/ram/items/standard_tussie.c
/d/ram/items/standard_tussie.c added to the list of banned objects.

> invcheck unban /d/ram/items/standard_tussie.c /d/ram/items/standard_tussie.c removed from the list of banned objects.

> invcheck list The following filenames have been forbidden to non-playtesters: /d/ram/items/standard_tussie.

Syntax Forms

invcheck ban <filename> 
invcheck unban <filename> 
invcheck list 
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