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Meteor is a command used only as a punishment for players that are being rather rude and uncooperative with creators that are attempting to interact with them in a reasonable manner. It causes a large and somewhat spammy meteor to fall on them, forcing them to quit. The message is visible over the entire mud. It should not be overused, or used improperly, such as for amusement, or because someone requests it. Be sure to have a legitimate reason, as it adds an entry to the affected player's playerinfo.

Keep in mind that some players find it desireable to get meteored and may deliberately provoke a creator to do so, usually after seeing it happen to someone else, or being informed that it will only happen to them if they misbehave. Encouraging them is not recommended.


> meteor minival for insulting me repeatedly
> Warning: This is not to be used for pranks. If you do not have a
> valid reason to use this, do not use it! Are you quite sure you
> wish to proceed? (y|n):
> y
> Nuking player minival.

Syntax Forms

meteor <player> <string> 
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