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Distance Viewing - I Spy With My Little Eye


Some objects on Epitaph permit you to observe rooms from a distance. Some will provide only visual information (such as binoculars), some will provide only auditory information (such as a parabolic microphone), and others will provide both. Some are fixed and cannot be changed, while others you can actively use to scan your surroundings.

I'm Looking Through You

If an item is suitable as a distance viewer, you can 'look through' the item to get a view of the room to which it is currently pointing. This will give you an ongoing glimpse of the activity as long as you maintain the activity - you can stop doing so at any time by moving rooms, or 'stop looking through' the item.

Changing Room

You can change the room into which you are looking with the 'scan' command, such as 'scan binoculars north'. This will attempt to move your distance viewing through the indicated exit in your current view room. Bear in mind that you cannot move around corridors or such, so you are limited to straight lines and large rooms defined by the game's linker code (these areas where you can see the motion of others reflected in your current room).

Syntax Forms

({look/observe}) through <object> 

Look through the object to see the room at which the viewer is aimed.

stop looking through <object> 

Stop aiming this viewing device.

scan <object> <string> 

Direct the distance viewing device through an exit in the room at which it is currently pointing.

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