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Grenade - Watch your fingers


Grenades are area of effect projectiles. They have varying effects when used - some cause damage, some incapacitate, and others do different things. In all cases, they work in roughly the same way - to arm a grenade, you 'prime' it. Then you 'throw' the grenade into an adjacent room - or 'drop' it in your current room if you have a getaway route planned. Grenades will not go off until they are moved from your current inventory..

Syntax Forms

prime <object> 

Prime a grenade so that it will explode shortly after you throw it.

cook <object> 

Cook a grenade to reduce the amount of time between throwing and exploding.


Example one

> prime molotov You briefly shift the silver lighter to your left hand.You prime the molotov cocktail.

Example two

> throw molotov north You throw the molotov cocktail to the north. Very close to the north, you hear a whoosh of flames and shrapnel.
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