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Kickable objects are of a physical form suited to manipulation with the feet. They can be kicked in particular directions, dribbled in directions, passed to other people, and also kicked through any goalposts that happen to be in the current location. Kicking a ball causes the ball to leave the room while you stay behind, while dribbling a ball will cause you to follow it through the indicated exit.

Syntax Forms

pass <object> to <player> 

Pass the ball to the indicated player.

kick <object> {lightly|firmly|powerfully} [to the] <string> 

Kick the ball in the indicated direction with the indicated strength.

dribble <object> <string> 

Dribble the object in the indicated direction.

kick <object> {at|through} <object> playing {rock|paper|scissors} 

Kick the ball through the indicated goalposts, using the indicated rock-paper-scissors strategy.

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