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Define - A Dictionary Lookup


The define command allows you to query a dictionary for the meaning of words. Be warned that the dictionary we use is, of a neccessity, in the public domain and thus quite old - just because a word isn't there doesn't mean it definitely doesn't exist.

Syntax Forms

define define <word> 

Define the indicated word in the web1913 dictionary.

define define <word> [in] all 

Define the indicated word in all supported dictionaries.

define define <word> [in] <dictionary> 

Define the indicated word in a specific dictionary.

define define <word> [in] <database> [with] <strategy> 

Define the indicated word in a specific dictionary using the indicated strategy.

define show databases 

Show all supported dictionaries.

define show strategies 

Show all word matching strategies.

define <word> 

Give the definition of a specific word.

define <word> all 

Give the definition of a specific word in all dictionaries.


Example one

> define epitaph You look up a word. Definitions for epitaph: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913) Epitaph Ep"i*taph, n. [F. ['e]pitaphe, L. epitaphium a funeral oration, fr. Gr. ?, orig. an adj., over or at a tomb; 'epi` upon + ? tomb. Cf. {Cenotaph}.] 1. An inscription on, or at, a tomb, or a grave, in memory or commendation of the one buried there; a sepulchral inscription. Hang her an epitaph upon her tomb. --Shak. 2. A brief writing formed as if to be inscribed on a monument, as that concerning Alexander: ``Sufficit huic tumulus, cui non sufficeret orbis.''
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