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In the root directory of Epitaph are many directories. The following serves as an overview of what those directories contain.


The /archive/ directory contains historical data, usually archived in XML format through the XML handler at /mudlib/handlers/xml. The files contained within here are no longer 'active', and are created automatically as a result of in-game archival routines.


The /banish/ directory contains a file for each name that has been 'banish'ed by creators - names get banished for being profane, obscene, or the name of in-game characters. This directory is populated automatically through the banish command.


/cmds/ contains all of the game commands, and the inherits those commands are built upon.


/d/, which is short for 'domains', contains the 'gameworld'. It is where the area files that make up cities, villages and other locations are kept, as well as NPCs and items that are specific to a particular domain.


The /data/ directory contains all of the data files that are used by the game's various handlers. It serves as a repository for configuration data - it is read by the handlers when the handlers are loaded, but the 'rehash' command allows for new information to be provided as the game is running.


The /doc/ directory contains the nroff versions of all the game's helpfiles. Most of these files are autogenerated, with the raw help files themselves being stored in /data/help/ - when the help system is rehashed, the config data is formatted and output into /doc/.


The /global/ directory contains, for the most part, objects that are part of setting up interactive objects - the player object, creator object, event parsing objects and so on are all contained within this directory.


The /include/ directory contains Epitaph's header files. Any time you see a reference to a .h file, the chances are it's stored in here.


The /items/ directory contains generic items that might be available anywhere in the game. Clothes that are not specific to particular NPCs, weapons, armours, containers, the lot - it's all stored here. Some items are stored in /d/game/items/, but only those that are specific to certain game locations.


This directory is automatically populated by various handlers - there are many logs that are kept by the game, and they all go in here.


This is the directory where all the core components of the game are kept - inherits, handlers, and the basic building block objects that are used to create weapons, armours and so on.


The /net/ directory contains most of the objects that are responsible for handling Epitaph's networking, such as the http daemon, intermud, twitter integration, and so forth.


The /room/ directory contains a handful of special room objects - rooms that have special, non player purposes. The rubbish room, the void, the departures lounge and such are all represented by files in here.


Just as it says on the tin - all our save files are stored in here.


The /secure/ directory contains sensitive code that is critical to the proper functioning of the MUD - the login object, simul-efun object and master object are all kept in here.


All of Epitaph's many soul commands are stored in here.


The /w/ directory contains the personal directories of creators on Epitaph. Every creator gets their own /w/ directory, which can serve as a scratchpad for whatever files they need to create.


As the name suggests, the /www/ directory contains all our web code - any time we have a web application hanging from our website it's stored in here.

The rest

There are other root directories, but they are often there only for legacy, or for very niche purposes that have no bearing on the day to day development of the game.

Copyright Statement

Epitaph Black Ops - Epiphany v1.2.13 [development]. Copyright © Imaginary Realities Ltd 2009 -