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Pets - Scabbers! NooOoOOo!


Those who have bought the commands 'tame' and 'instruct' can make use of our pet system. Pets are tamed from the city streets of Epitaph, and become faithful companions that will support your adventuring (with the risk of their death) or simply keep you company as you make your way through the apocalypse.

Taming Pets

The first step is to 'tame' the pet you wish to acquire. You must have purchased the 'tame' command for this, and have an appropriate item to which you will bind your pet - an animal leash or a pet whistle will be appropriate for this. The item that you use to tame the pet will serve as your mechanism for summoning, dismissing and releasing. The companion object (for that is what your item is), will also allow you to 'rename' your pet or 'designate' it as a pacifist. The latter will ensure your pet becomes non-combat - it will never be targetted or attacked by the undead, at the cost that you will be unable to instruct it to fight on your behalf.

Instructing pets

The pets that you have will have a range of commands that are available to them - some of these are specific to particular kinds of pets, and others are available to all pets. The 'instruct' command is used to issue a command to your pet as if it had been typed in... 'instruct companion to kill child' is an example of this.

Pet levels

When you tame a pet, its level in its various skills are set based on your skill in taming animals. As your skill increases, so too will the skill of your pet and its damage / armour. The bonuses of your pet thus are linked to your ability to tame them.

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