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Barricade - save yourself!


The barricade command is used to barricade a door against invaders. It can be a way to get some breathing space in a pitched encounter, or to postpone a battle until help arrives, or to ensure long term sustainability of a stronghold.

You must have some kind of material suitable for barricading in your inventory before you make the attempt. The material that you use will partially determine how strong the barricades are. A single door can be barricaded several times over, and each time it increases the difficulty for those who may be attempting to breach it.


30 seconds

Syntax Forms

bar_ricade stronghold room with <object> 

Barricade the current room using the indicated object.

bar_ricade <direction> [door] with <object> 

Barricade the indicated exit using the indicated object.


Example one

> barricade south door with pine log You barricade the south exit with the log of pine wood.

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